Benefit Fraud Solicitors

MMA Law offers legal representation in all aspects including offences contrary to

  • Section 111a Social Security Administration Act 1992: Dishonest representations to obtain benefit.
  • Section 35 Tax Credits Act 2002: Tax credit fraud
  • Section 17 Theft Act 1968: False accounting
  • Section 112 Social Security Administration Act 1992: False representation for obtaining benefit.
  • Section 1 Fraud Act 2006: Conspiracy to defraud
Benefit Fraud

MMA LAW are leading expert Benefit Fraud Solicitors who specialise in defending cases of alleged Benefit Fraud and other cases of serious and complex fraud.

Prosecutions for offences of Benefit Fraud have been prioritised by the government in recent years.   This has included ad campaigns launched to deter such offences from happening.   Benefit Fraud Solicitors require a specialist knowledge.   By instructing MMA  Law on your behalf you may rest assured that your case will be dealt with by an expert in this area of law.   Many cases of Benefit Fraud begin by a report being made to the local Council and you can consider the local Council’s website here.

Benefit Fraud can vary in levels of seriousness depending upon many factors.   These include things such as whether the fraud was dishonest from the outset or whether it is involving a change in circumstances of which you have failed to notify the department.

At MMA Law we are Specialist Benefit Fraud Solicitors.   Often people suspected of Benefit Fraud will be asked to attend either the local Job Centre or a Police Station to be interviewed under caution regarding an alleged offence.   Our Solicitors are always available to attend these interviews with you and provide legal advice free of charge.   We can be contacted anytime of day and offer 24 hour Police Station call out.   We will provide the best Criminal Defence and have a proven track record of successfully defending clients suspected of Benefit Fraud.

Should you be suspected of Benefit Fraud then please do not hesitate to contact us.   We will be more than happy to arrange a free 30 minute initial consultation to discuss your case and if necessary, attend any interview under caution or provide legal representation at Court.

We are friendly and approachable Solicitors with a specialist knowledge in benefit fraud.   We will assess you for Legal Aid and will offer a same day appointment for you to attend our office to discuss your case.


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