Theft from Employer

At MMA Law, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with such cases.

Being accused of workplace theft can have disastrous consequences. The allegation alone can sometimes mean that you are suspended from work or even worse, lose your employment altogether. Further, you may then have to suffer a long criminal investigation and Court case.

Theft From Employer

Should you face of an allegation of Theft From Your Employer and have no previous convictions you may stand to lose your good reputation,  referred to in law as ‘good character’.

Should you be investigated for an offence of Theft or Theft From Your Employer, the process will usually begin with a police interview under caution following arrest.   The Police are also now asking people to attend a voluntary interview at the Police Station instead of arresting.   Should the Police contact you,  please call our office or emergency number and we can either arrange a same day appointment with you or should you wish, we would attend the Police Station on the day to represent you.   We are always available for an interview 24 hours a day.

If the Police do arrest you, one of your rights is that you are entitled to a Solicitor of your choosing.   Simply ask for MMA Law and we will contact the Police Station to speak to you immediately or will attend the Police Station to speak to you in private.

Theft From Your Employer can be looked at less favourably than an allegation of Theft as you could be accused of breaching the trust of your employer.   It is important to obtain the correct legal advice at an early stage so that you have the very best chance of preventing your reputation from being tarnished.

Should you either receive a summons to attend Court or be charged to Court then we will be there to represent you every step of the way.   We will fully advise you of the Court procedure and go through the evidence with you in detail.

Instructing MMA Law means that your case will always be dealt with by a specialist, experienced Solicitor who will be on hand to provide advice and support right through to the conclusion of your case.   We are available 24/7 and can assess your eligibility for legal aid and if you are not eligible,  we can offer you an agreed fee to represent you to conclusion of your case.


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