Sexual Assault Solicitors

MMA Law are specialist Sexual Assault Solicitors.

If you have been arrested for an offence of Sexual Assault please ask for MMA Law to represent you at the Police Station. MMA Law are on call 24/7 365 days a year and will always be available to attend the police station with you free of charge.

Sexual Assualt Solicitors

Sexual Assault Solicitors

MMA Law are expert Sexual Assault Solicitors.   From the outset we will advise you of what to say to the Police in your interview and we will assist you throughout your detention at the Police Station.

If you have been charged with a Sexual Offence please call MMA Law.   We will arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your case with you and will advise you regarding Court procedure.   Should you contact us between the hours of business we will arrange a same day appointment to discuss your case with you.

We will liaise with the Crown Prosecution Service to obtain and consider the evidence in your case and will contact you to arrange an appointment to consider the evidence with you and take your instructions.   We can then meet you at Court and will represent you throughout Court proceedings.   The offence of Sexual Assault is an either way offence which means that the offence can be heard in either the Magistrates or Crown Court.   Should your case be heard in the Crown Court we will advise you throughout Crown Court proceedings.

It is important that you obtain the correct legal advice and consider the law in respect of an offence of Sexual Assault.    The law is complex and incorrectly interpreting the law can have a devastating impact on your life.   MMA Law are Specialist Sexual Assault Solicitors with experience to provide you with the correct advice throughout your case.

MMA Law are specialists in defending people who have allegedly committed an offence of Sexual Assault.   We have the knowledge and experience of being able to provide expert advice.   We are rated the best Solicitors by our clients in Teesside and we pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable Solicitors.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your case, we are happy to help you.


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