Financial Settlement Solicitors

MMA Law understands as part of your divorce there may be financial issues to resolve, for example if there is a home jointly owned or your partner has a pension.

This area of law can be very complex and it is vital that you conclude the divorce with what you are entitled to. We will obtain full financial disclosure from the other party and talk you through step by step the appropriate distribution of the assets.

Financial Settlement Solicitors

An agreement can often be reached through skilful and conscientious legal negotiating. If an agreement cannot be reached, don’t panic, we will be there to represent your interests in court. It is imperative that you obtain the correct legal advice when reaching a decision regarding your finances. At MMA LAW we are specialist Financial Settlement Solicitors with experience to help you obtain the best results.

At MMA Law we will take time and consider in detail your finances and lifestyle and take into account a range of factors when advising you on reaching a financial settlement.

You do not necessarily need to attend Court when reaching a financial settlement. An agreement can often be reached by negotiation which can sometimes be assisted by a qualified mediator. We are able to refer you to mediation services where necessary. Our Solicitors can advise you throughout the process to save you time, expense and stress and can advise you thoroughly of what you are entitled to claim.

If an agreement cannot be reached then we can advise you of the most appropriate legal action and can assist you in preparing and drafting any court applications and can represent you throughout your case. We will keep you up to date with your case and you will have direct access to one of our expert Solicitors.

MMA Law will offer you a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your case in detail and provide you with advice on the likely cost of your case and the time it will probably take to conclude. If you would like to contact MMA Law please call us on 01642 941440 or complete the online enquiry and leave us your number and we will call you back to discuss your case. Financial Settlement Solicitors at MMA LAW are trained and qualified to provide the best advice to our clients so you know we will obtain the best result for you.


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