Divorce Solicitors

Obtaining comprehensive legal advice at the outset is paramount to achieving a successful outcome in your divorce.

At MMA Law, we strive to achieve the best results for our clients. Separating from your partner can be the most upsetting and stressful time, especially if there are children involved. You then face added pressure from complicated form filling, dealing with your separated partner or their solicitor, all whilst trying to get on with your day to day life.

Divorce Solicitors

MMA Law are expert Divorce Solicitors who once instructed will draft all documents, whether you are petitioning for divorce or have received the documents yourself. We advise you of all the legal issues, disputes and procedure from start to finish. We can assist you in lodging your divorce petition at Court, applying for Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute and dealing with any financial issues that may arise.

To obtain a divorce you must be able to show that your marriage has irretrievably broken down and cannot be retrieved. We will consider with you the best possible ground for obtaining a divorce and will explain the implications of petitioning on each ground. If you are responding to a divorce we will help you complete the acknowledgement of service. MMA Law is rated the best divorce solicitors by our clients because we take the time to advise you thoroughly throughout your case in respect of all of these issues.

The procedure for petitioning for a divorce can be complex, however if conducted correctly you may never need to attend Court and your divorce can be finalised by written applications. At MMA Law we are experienced Divorce Solicitors with a proven track record of dealing with cases quickly and efficiently.

By instructing MMA Law to deal with your divorce you can rest assured it will be dealt with by specialists in Family Law, in an efficient and thorough manner allowing you to make a fresh start, with the least amount of stress possible. Call us for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your case. We will provide you with an agreed fee to represent you in your divorce from start to finish. Once this fee is agreed, it will never increase. At MMA Law your case will only be dealt with by an experienced Solicitor. We will take time to listen to you and will always be on hand to support you through such a difficult time. Please call our office and arrange a free appointment to put any worries you have to rest, we are here to help.


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